Transforming Lives Through Real Estate

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Who I Am & Why You Should Listen to Me

We are VestRight. Our mission is to transform lives through real estate.

Our team is led by Cody Bjugan.

I have been a residential land developer since 2002. In that time, I have been a part of transforming raw land into over 25 thriving neighborhoods, bringing over 1,500 residential lots to the markets we serve.

Over those years I have consistently made 6 and 7 figures per deal. Through all those years, and all those land deals, I have become a true expert in this field. I have truly mastered this lucrative sector of real estate and myself and my team are excited to teach you how you can leverage our knowledge and turn it into paydays for yourself!

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Our Clients Are Leveling Up

Craig - Texas

"I appreciate the professional training and consistent follow-up that you have exhibited. Knowledge is power and your course has unlocked some serious power in a hidden industry."

Rob - North Carolina

"Top Notch Course! It’s exciting to be out of the gate on this information and knowing it’s what I make of it. The course has given me the knowledge that is needed to get into the land development game."

Nick - California

"I just want to say thanks for putting together such a high quality training and program. I’m just thankful that David and Cody put the time in to create this. So for whatever it’s worth - thank you."